Roof Decking
Our basic framing package includes decking support for an asphalt shingle roof; our steel roof system requires no deck.

The Choice is Yours
As with the walls, the difference between the roofing of a Steel-Kits steel home and a site-built house will depend on what you choose. If you want to install a conventional asphalt shingle roof on your Steel-Kits home, it will require decking just as it would on a wooden frame. Our basic framing package includes an assembly of steel members called "hat channels" that is designed to attach to the roof purlins and provide connection points and support for 3/4" plywood decking (we do not supply the plywood). On the other hand, our steel roof system attaches directly to the roof purlins and requires neither the hat channel assembly nor the decking. Consequently, when someone orders our frame system with our steel roofing, we do not include the hat channel assembly with the frame. Instead of showing a deduction in the price of the frame, we simply incorporate it into the price we post for the roof.