Low Cost Housing Kits on construction
We are pleased to introduce :
Low Cost Housing Kits on construction or 90% finished

From us you get
1. Ready Metal Roofs , by steel stud system for metal roofs
2. Ready exterior walls , by steel stud system for the exterior walls.
3. Ready Metal framing for doors , roof and saddles
4. Ready metal interior walls , by stud system for the interior walls.
5. Ready metal second floor joists ( for all two stories areas ).
6. Complete set of working drawings includingwall layout drawings , roof layout drawings , anchor bolts layout ( Full project needed to detect a construction site and the start of construction work
7. We provide full instructions for completion.

You still have to finish.
1. Walls (lining walls with plasterboard, mineral wool insulation , siding or cladding for commercial buildings.
2. Roof (Application of OSB panels and shingles)
3. Joinery (from local manufacturers of windows)
4. Flooring (tile, flooring, etc.).
5. Electrical wiring and plumbing

By Building Type: Construction Kit Building save up to 80% discount , from offered for completion